We are a multinational company created in 2004 devoted to the selection, import and wholesale of promotional items.

Distributors / intermediaries, such as merchandising agencies, promotion agencies and printers are the foundation of our business since we do not deal with the end-customer. So, we respect and protect the distributors, whose commercial role makes them our strategic partners.

Every member of our team is an expert. We know every detail and characteristic of our products, every printing, engraving, embroidering technique, and we also know what the business of our distributors is (the rush, the financial needs, and the permanent service they offer to their clients), this is why our commitment is to offer them the most accurate information about our stock, our innovative and reliable products and the financial backup they need.



We deal with over 5.000 clients, with whom we share the need and enthusiasm to keep a solid and long-lasting relationship for the benefit of both parties.

Thanks to a strategic alliance, we also work with a trading office in Hong Kong and Shanghai with an auditor’s team that control permanently the quality of our purchase.

We also offer a short delivery service of wider variety of items stored in Germany.


In our on-line catalogues: www.cdopromocionales.com, our distributors can find our selection of items for each country. We also offer them printed catalogues.

These catalogues are “anonymous” since there is no information related to our company, and so, they can customize them with their logo and contact information.


Our products are carefully selected among thousands of possibilities (functions, designs, materials, prices and qualities). Our goal is to provide a complete and smart variety of alternatives to accomplish the promotional strategies of the final customer. Each and every product must offer a perfect technical performance and have an outstanding surface for the logo or a message.